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We're excited to share your stories of The Daily Mile, in various settings! If you want your setting to be featured on our website, you can submit your Daily Mile story using the following template.

Karuseleė lopšelis-darželis (Lithuania)
“Children on the autism spectrum fit into The Daily Mile with ease which is very important to us”

8th May 2024

Dinas Powys Primary School
“The children now see The Daily Mile as part of their daily routine”

16th April 2024

One School Global (UK Campuses)
“We have noticed improvements in the fitness, focus in the classroom & self-esteem of our pupils”

9th April 2024

Boxmoor Primary School
“The Daily Mile has been one of the best things that we have introduced in our school”

15th March 2024

Plato Elementary School (Missouri, USA)
“Amy’s class loved The Daily Mile so much that they ended up doing The Daily Mile for 100 days in a row!”

13th March 2024

Al Eethar Kindergarten (Abu Dhabi)
“The Daily Mile has really benefitted us as teachers and gives us energy throughout the day”

12th March 2024

Cornerstone Christian School (New Zealand)
“The Daily Mile has fostered a sense of community among the classes”

11th March 2024

Crabtree Junior School
“The Daily Mile provides opportunities for side-by-side conversations; making discussions about topics that they might feel hard to talk about flow more effortlessly.”

5th February 2024

St Michael’s Junior Church School
“It is great for pupils mental and physical health. We’ve noticed that children are happier and more focused on their return”

19th January 2024

Cardonald Primary School
“Parents are very supportive of the initiative”

15th November 2023

Capel Manor Primary School
“Doing The Daily Mile weekly helped progress their ability to move with great coordination & improve their balance”

30th October 2023

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery
“The children know how important The Daily Mile is for their mental health”

5th July 2023