One School Global (UK Campuses)
“We have noticed improvements in the fitness, focus in the classroom & self-esteem of our pupils”

We are One School Global with over 960 children taking part in The Daily Mile across our 24 UK camupses for 2 years! Each campus does their Daily Mile at various times of the day in their playground and main field.

We have worked hard to promote the benefits of The Daily Mile to all campuses involved via our regular Zoom meetings. All campuses have different facilities, staff and timetables so we are flexible regarding when our children can run The Daily Mile. Each week, staff fill in a SmartSheet with their results, this is collated and then shared back to all campuses in our weekly newsletters so they can track their progress in both the individual and collective distances. Results are also shared in assemblies to inspire pupils to keep up their efforts with The Daily Mile, and to encourage teamwork to increase their collective miles.

Our pupils have gained an insight into the health benefits of staying active throughout the day, and some campuses have developed Daily Mile displays to make children and staff aware of these benefits. Staff have also noticed improvements in the engagement of children during their learning when they are more active. Children have enjoyed seeing how other campuses are progressing with their Daily Mile activity. We have noticed improvements in the fitness, focus in the classroom and self esteem of our pupils. Some of these benefits are also acknowledged in our weekly round up, identifiying where children have demonstrated perseverance, beaten their own goal or shown team spirit in relation to their classmates.

In the 2022-23 academic year, One School Global pupils completed 42,199 miles in total beating the previous years total of 31,042 miles. Our year 4 students led the way with 11,543 miles in total.

  • One School Global Atherstone campus completed the most number of days taking part in The Daily Mile.
  • One School Global Bristol campus had the highest average Daily Mile totals over the year.
  • One School Global Maidstone campus had the highest total miles for the year with 5,755 miles.

We link The Daily Mile to our self-directed curriculum with children planning when they take part and recording the distance that they have achieved, as well as researching the benefits and sharing these with peers.

Parents and the wider community are updated every week through our Daily Mile presentation which gives an overview of how campuses are progressing and highlights our star performers each week.

Quotes from some of our campuses:

Atherstone Campus – “We do it every day come rain or shine!”

Hindhead Campus – “It gives our children a chance to exercise and it also gives the well-being team a chance to take responsibility and show leadership as they oversee choosing the destination and the Star Runner each week.”

Biggleswade Campus “We share results in Assembly on Friday to great cheers when we win and ‘argh’s’ when we don’t! We link our successes with The Daily Mile to success in other areas of our learning. Students recognise their role as part of a wider team.”

Gloucester Campus – “We have noticed that The Daily Mile has a positive impact on allowing the children to be able to stretch their legs in the morning after getting off the bus. It also allows for the children to be running with different year groups.”

Feedback from children at our Swaffham campus
“I enjoy the fresh air and competing with the other Campuses”.
“It helps to keep me fit and when we do it in the morning, it sets me up for the day”.
“The Daily Mile is great fun and I enjoy seeing who makes it on to the leaderboard each week”.
“I like it as I get some exercise and it makes me feel refreshed”.
“The Daily Mile helps me to concentrate”.