Al Eethar Kindergarten (Abu Dhabi)
“The Daily Mile has really benefitted us as teachers and gives us energy throughout the day”

Al Eethar Kindergarten, Abu Dhabi

Hello! We are Al Eethar Kindergarten located in Abu Dhabi, and we’ve been doing The Daily mile since November 2023. We have over 320 children who regularly take part and we complete our Daily Mile in the Kindergarten outdoor playground.

The whole kindergarten, teachers and children, love taking part and we have found that students arrive for the school day already excited about when they are going to be able to get out and do their Daily Mile. Since starting, we have noticed that the children have become more active and have lots more energy.

We have students with disabilities who also love the experience of taking part in The Daily Mile. We’ve even been on school trips and children want to do their Daily Mile there and then because they love walking all together.

We have linked The Daily Mile with our curriculum in supporting the quality and well-being of the students as well as teaching them how to follow instructions. Also, the kindergarten Mothers council have participated with us in several Daily Mile’s so far and look forward to joining in even more.

While doing their Daily Mile, our students at Aleethar Kindergarten always chant “Exercising gives us energy and keeps us healthy”.

Noora Alhamadi, School Principal says; I am very grateful for The Daily Mile, it has really benefitted us as teachers and gives us energy throughout the day. Children have built bonds together while running, wheeling or walking and it is so great to see them working together to support each other. We can’t wait to continue with The Daily Mile in the future!