Cardonald Primary School
“Parents are very supportive of the initiative”

Fact File

Number of children taking part in The Daily Mile: 300

Our Daily Mile Story

We’ve been participating in The Daily Mile for over two years, and we do it every day, weather permitting.

The Daily Mile has become a part of our daily school routine, with the children reminding teachers if they haven’t done their Daily Mile session that day.  We created our own Daily Mile challenge where we decided to run around the world and see how far we could travel! The children have fully embraced the challenge and are very keen to find out how far they have reached and which countries they have visited.  They are also very motivated to reach their next target.

We started our journey in Glasgow in October 2021 and every week, our sports leaders would visit classes to count the number of miles each class had done. The mileage would be added up every couple of weeks and at our school assembly we would plot our journey, travelling through a variety of countries, continents, across oceans and deserts to eventually reach our target of arriving back in Glasgow having circumnavigated the globe. On our journey, children learned about the countries we visited, and calculated distances between different points. We have finally finished our journey after 2 years!! We have covered 47, 949 miles, the equivalent of over 1830 marathons!

The children are regularly asking when they can go out and do their Daily Mile, staff enjoy this opportunity for children to have a ‘brain break’ and enjoy the outdoors and the parents are very supportive of the initiative.

Cardonald Primary School Daily Mile Challenge featured on STV news

Cardonald Primary School’s impressive feat was covered on STV news: