Cornerstone Christian School (New Zealand)
“The Daily Mile has fostered a sense of community among the classes”

Cornerstone Christian School, New Zealand

We are Cornerstone Christian School, located in a suburban area of New Zealand’s Manawatu region, and we’ve been doing The Daily Mile for seven years. We have 600 children regularly taking part and we do our Daily Mile in the school playground.

Initially, there were challenges with the route as we attempted a longer loop around the road, but we addressed this by creating a smaller course within the school grounds.

Since starting The Daily Mile, there have been various benefits for our students and the school community. It has fostered a sense of community among the classes. This activity not only promotes physical health but also provides opportunities for teachers to connect with students outside the classroom. It encourages inactive children to engage in healthy activities and supports keen runners in preparing for events like cross country races. The outdoor activity also contributes to enhanced learning experiences for our students.

At Cornerstone Christian School we have found that The Daily Mile promotes physical fitness and fosters relationships and personal growth beyond the classroom environment.

Below are a few quotes from some of our students who love doing The Daily Mile and have highlighted their personal benefits:

Mila says; I used to be the slowest person at running but now I’m quite fast. When I do work it feels like my brain has butterflies in it but after doing The Daily Mile my brain is refreshed and ready to learn.

Gabby says; It started off really hard but as we did more it became easy.

Ryder says; It’s kinda good because when I’m doing it, I’m getting faster which is good practice for cross country.