Capel Manor Primary School
“Doing The Daily Mile weekly helped progress their ability to move with great coordination & improve their balance”

Fact File

School roll: 300

Our Daily Mile Story

At Capor Manor Primary School, we’ve been participating in The Daily Mile since 2019, and per week we have about 250-300 children taking part.

Since starting The Daily Mile, we have found that our pupils are able to concentrate better within the classroom and their physical health has improved. Children are also able to run for longer durations.

We have been enjoying doing The Daily Mile, a few of our children in the Reception class struggled with their gross motor skills at the start of the academic year but doing The Daily Mile weekly, has helped progress their ability to move with great coordination, control and improve their balance.

We did The Daily Mile Global Rugby Challenge as a school during the first term back and challenged each other to see who could travel to the most countries whilst doing their Daily Mile’s!


Quotes from teachers & pupils

Year 6 Pupil “It is good for my mental health and it is fun!”

Y4 Pupil – “I like that I can talk to my friends.”

Staff member – “I love taking my class out to do The Daily Mile as a movement break between lessons, they also enjoy the social aspect of it too.”