The Daily Mile Global Rugby Challenge

To support you in continuing with The Daily Mile as a health and wellbeing initiative for your children, we are excited to launch our brand new Daily Mile Global Rugby Challenge.

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The Daily Mile Global Rugby Challenge

Teacher Briefing:

The challenge encourages children to travel round the global map by running, jogging, wheeling or walking The Daily Mile, whilst learning fun facts and answering rugby questions about countries along the way

How the Challenge works:

One Daily Mile = one step on the map! Using the map and accompanying fact sheet, with your help, children can learn about landmarks, cultures and answer questions about national rugby teams while engaging in their Daily Mile. The challenge is flexible, you can start and complete the journey at any time and place that suits your setting.

To complete the challenge, just follow these steps:

1. Download your Daily Mile Global Rugby Challenge Map & Fact Sheet. You can choose to download the map in two formats: Printable versions or Interactive* versions.
2. Go outside and do your Daily Mile.
3. Mark your progress on the map and learn about the world.
4. Once you have completed your challenge there is a certificate that can be downloaded and given out to children.


*Please note the interactive map works best in Acrobat (which is a free download).

We very much hope that you all enjoy doing your Daily Miles whilst completing the challenge.

Printable Resources:

School Briefing Sheet Map A3 Fact Sheet Certificate

Interactive Resource:

Interactive Map

Disability Inclusion:

Disability Inclusion Information