The Daily Mile Commonwealth Games Legacy Challenge

Did you enjoy the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games? We have created a brand new Daily Mile Commonwealth Legacy Challenge to welcome you back to school and back to The Daily Mile.

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The Daily Mile Commonwealth Games Legacy Challenge

Teacher Briefing:

The purpose of The Daily Mile Commonwealth Games Legacy Challenge is to help children to improve their physical and mental wellbeing by doing The Daily Mile, whilst helping to bring the Games to its next location.

The next Commonwealth Games takes place in Australia, and we are challenging you to run there by doing The Daily Mile and learn interesting facts as you go. If you do The Daily Mile 3 times a week, the Challenge will last for around 7 weeks.

How the Badge Challenge works:

One Daily Mile = one step on the map! The challenge is flexible, you can start and complete the journey at any time and place that suits your setting.

To complete the Challenge, just follow these steps:

1. Download your Commonwealth Games Legacy Challenge Map & Passport. You can choose to download the map in two formats: Printable versions or Interactive versions.
2. Go outside and do your Daily Mile.
3. Mark your progress on the map and learn about the world. Facts are cross curricular with links to the Ks1 & Ks2 geography curriculum.
4. Once you have completed your challenge there is a certificate that can be downloaded and given out to children.


We very much hope that you all enjoy doing your Daily Miles whilst learning more about the Commonwealth Countries and Commonwealth Games Moments.

Printable Resources:

School Briefing Sheet Map A3 Map A4 Passport/Fact Sheet Certificate

Interactive Resource:

Interactive Map

Disability Inclusion:

Disability Inclusion Information