Ysgol Y Gogarth (SEN)
“These happy faces are going back into the classroom feeling energized to complete their work”

Fact File

Where we’re based: Llandudno, Wales

Roll: 240

Our Daily Mile Story

At Ysgol Y Gogarth we’ve been participating in The Daily Mile since the beginning of June 2021. Its introduction was widely received by so many of our pupils and the positive impact it has already had on them is clear for all to see. Our half mile route takes us out of the main reception and follows the footpaths at the front of the school, around the astro turf football pitch, past our vocational workspace and into the sensory garden.

We have amazing staff at our school who were prepared to fit The Daily Mile into their already busy timetables. This meant that a large number of different classes, of all ages and ability levels, were regularly seen walking, running and wheeling their Daily Mile.

The most significant impact that the Daily Mile has had on our pupils is the smiles on faces we as staff are regularly seeing. These happy faces are going back into the classroom feeling energized to complete their work for the remainder of the school day. We have also seen examples of pupils using the mile as a way of “blowing off some steam” and feeling more relaxed by the time they return to class. Seeing our pupils out and about with their classmates, chatting and laughing as they are exercising is showing us the positive impact The Daily Mile is having on their social and communication skills.

As a school we aim to give all our pupils opportunities to get out of the classroom and into the fresh air as often as possible, in order to increase their fitness levels. Our ethos is that the more physical literacy opportunities our pupils are exposed to at school, the more likely they are to be inspired to lifelong involvement in sport. With The Daily Mile seen by many classes as a bonus P.E session we are making progress with this objective.

Dosbarth Alaw: Some of the pupils in Dosbarth Alaw use walking systems and have been able to participate alongside their able bodied peers in this walking challenge. Other class members have participated using their wheel chairs. This has been an inclusive activity for all pupils at Ysgol Y Gogarth to take part in.

Dosbarth Yr Wyddfa: In Dosbarth Yr Wyddfa the staff can sometimes find it difficult to motivate their pupils to participate in regular P.E sessions (football, badminton etc) as once they are within the boundaries of the sports hall they use it as an opportunity to relax. The introduction of the Daily Mile has seen their pupils thrive and regularly take part in not only the Daily Mile but on walks outside the school grounds, to the beach and to the park.

As a school we work hard to promote a healthy lifestyle and do so by offering as many wellbeing sessions to our pupils as possible. The Daily Mile gives us an extra opportunity to promote one of our mottos: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

We have set an objective for next year to host a community based sponsored walk, focusing on our Daily Mile route and our amazing local area. This would be a great opportunity for us to work with our parents and families, in order to increase the likelihood of our pupils engaging in physical activity for the rest of their lives.

Quotes from staff, parents and pupils

“The best part of my day is walking out of the school doors and seeing all the happy faces making their way around our Daily Mile route. The smiles would brighten anyone’s day!” Mr Aaron Jones

“Going out for a walk is the most important part of the school day for some of our pupils. The benefits are amazing: their fitness improves, their muscles loosen, their appetite improves and most importantly they enjoy it.” Mr Glyn Jones

“Beautiful big smiles! They look like they’re having a lovely time.” Parent

“The Daily Mile makes me happy, seeing other pupils following in my footsteps makes me proud.” KS5 pupil who helped organize the Daily Mile route