The Grove Junior School
“The Daily Mile was everyone’s preferred choice due to the ease”

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Where we’re based: Hertfordshire, England

Roll: 491

Our Daily Mile Story

Amanda Hutson is the Sports Coach of The Grove Junior School and tells us about their experience of The Daily Mile.

We began running The Daily Mile in 2014 and used the term Fit4fifteen. This meant that each class would complete fifteen minutes of fitness three times per week in any way they wanted. Rather than insist that each class run, they had the option of completing any physical activity. It wasn’t long before The Daily Mile was everyone’s preferred choice due to the ease with which it could be completed.

We have a field next to the school which is approximately 300m in perimeter. At first the classes ran on the pathways and across the grass but using capital funding we installed an Astro track in 2015 which has allowed us to use the field all year round, whatever the weather. This has inspired the linked Infant school and staff to join in and use the track on a daily basis as well.

Timetabling was the initial barrier as well as staff who had to be convinced about the benefits for the pupils. However, since starting The Daily Mile, the pupils active time and overall fitness has improved dramatically and other schools have also travelled to use the track with us as a school trip! A lovely opportunity for the pupils to meet and cheer each other on.

One member of staff who was pregnant last year and suffering from SPD said “Completing The Daily Mile with my class was a good opportunity to keep up with light exercise without having to plan it into my own time.”

Quotes from staff

“I have managed to maintain some sort of exercise regime due to the school track. Running with a class and 10 laps a day straight after lessons made me fit it into my schedule and complete RED January with ease!”

Staff Member

“During lockdown the school track was a great safe place to come and exercise outdoors without leaving a secure site”

-Staff Member

“I know it might be a small thing, but it gives children the exercise break they need and also a chance to exercise while sharing news with their teacher/TA and build strong relationships”

-Staff Member