Strandtown Primary School
“Has inspired not only the children, but our pupils and staff to become more active outside of school”

Strandtown Primary School

Fact File

Where we’re based: East Belfast, Northern Ireland

School Roll: 985 pupils

How long we’ve been doing The Daily Mile: We’re in our 3rd year!

Our Daily Mile Story

The Daily Mile has been very successfully and easily implemented into our daily school life. As we are a large school, we benefit greatly from the use of a large grass/pitches area at the front of our school and when it’s wet we have a shorter route where the pupils can run on tarmac paths.

The Daily Mile provides a perfect ‘brain break’ for pupils, especially during the long 2 hour afternoon session and it gives all pupils the chance/opportunity to shine on a regular basis within the school week.

Pupils now have a regular period of daily exercise during the day when their heart rate can be increased for a short period of time, thus benefitting their physical health and well-being. The Daily Mile reinforces our physical health and well-being messages as we teach our pupils about the importance of exercise as they look after their mental health, as well as their physical health. It also compliments our healthy break policy.

The Daily Mile has inspired not only the children, but our pupils and staff to become more active outside of school and since starting we have noticed many more of our pupils signing up for local Junior and 5km Parkruns. We have also on the back of our Daily Mile have an annual PTA ‘Family Fun Run.’

Formally monitoring how often each class does The Daily Mile has really worked for us as a school. It encourages the teachers to keep the experience consistent throughout the year and the pupils are very good at reminding the teachers about it!!!

If every pupil in Strandtown runs The Daily Mile once a day, that is 985 miles completed. If each pupil ran it 3 times per week that 2655 miles per week.  That’s a lot of miles!!


“It’s great to see all of our pupils outside in the fresh air enjoying themselves and being active.”

Miss Bailie – Head of PE / Vice Principal

“The Daily Mile suits all abilities. All of our pupils try hard to do their best by either running, jogging, walking or a combination of all 3! We are trying to foster an atmosphere of ‘fun through exercise’ so as pupils will want to continue to take regular exercise in years to come.”

Mr. Ewart – Deputy Vice Principal

“I enjoy getting a break from work and getting regular exercise without feeling the pressure that I am in a race.”

Owen, Year 7

“I enjoy getting outside into the sunshine/fresh air and being able to run The Daily Mile without stopping.”

Erin, Year 7