Elmwood Primary (USA)
“Preston has a much more positive attitude toward physical activity & his body can handle extended movement for longer now”

Parent testimonial from Elmwood Primary, USA:

“I wanted to share how awesome I think The Daily Mile is and how I believe it had many benefits for Preston! Last year he was diagnosed with joint-hypermobility syndrome. His doctor encouraged as much physical activity as possible to build muscle to support his joints. 

We signed him up for spring soccer prior to Kindergarten, and started outpatient occupational therapy (OT). We attempted walks around our neighborhood but he would always complain. During soccer he would stop and just sit in the middle of the field or ask to sit down due to being tired. 

I was worried about his participation in The Daily Mile but it ended up being the best thing for him!  He did struggle some at the beginning of year, but I think with consistency and good ole peer pressure, by mid-year he no longer made comments about being tired. When I asked him what he did at school each day, he always included “The Daily Mile”. 

I noticed an increase in his participation with his at-home OT exercise program. And the difference shown in spring soccer this year was just amazing. He never stopped in the middle of play to sit down, he hardly ever had to request a break before it was his turn to do so, he was able to learn more about playing the sport, and could keep up much better with his peers. The Daily Mile has improved his endurance so much! 

As a family we enjoy going to the zoo, the park, swimming, and the YMCA more often now. That’s because Preston has a much more positive attitude toward physical activity and his body can handle extended movement for longer now.  So, I believe the program not only had a huge impact on his physical health, but was also memorable, which leads me to believe he found joy in the activity. 

With his ADHD I know The Daily Mile also had a positive impact on his academics. Receiving that motor movement and change of environment allowed him to better focus and learn during his classroom/sit-down activities. This is clearly evident by his enormous educational gains when looking at his end of year progress. 

So thank you for having Elmwood participate in this program!”