The Daily Mile Improves the Physical Fitness of Italian Primary School Children and is easy to implement.

Research led by the University of Torino has found that The Daily Mile is versatile and transferable to primary schools in Italy.Teachers saw positive effects within their school environment, after doing The Daily Mile. Children who took part in The Daily Mile had significantly increased physical fitness and teachers found the programme extremely easy to implement into their school day.

There were two groups – the control group which consisted of 309 students, and the experimental group which had 486 students who implemented The Daily Mile as per core principles for 3-months. According to the University of Torino, 96.4% of teachers participating in the study said The Daily Mile has no negative impact on their teaching and 93% said The Daily Mile was extremely easy to implement. In total, 72% of teachers were very satisfied with the activity and compared to the control group, fitness significantly increased in the experiment group who completed The Daily Mile.

You can read the full study here.