The Daily Mile Athletics & Para-Athletics Commonwealth Challenge Badges

Children enjoy a challenge and love being outside with their friends, so why not give them extra motivation to take part in The Daily Mile and try our new Daily Mile x Athletics & Para-Athletics Commonwealth Challenge Badges.

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The Daily Mile Athletics & Para-Athletics Commonwealth Challenge Badges

Teacher Briefing:

The purpose of The Daily Mile Commonwealth Games Athletics and Para-Athletics Badge Challenge is to help children to improve their physical and mental health by doing The Daily Mile, whilst learning more about The Commonwealth Games which take place this July in Birmingham.

We believe that children who think it’s normal to run regularly will be more interested in learning about athletics and para-athletics and that’s why The Daily Mile fits so well with the inclusive ethos and values of the Commonwealth Games.

How the Badge Challenge works:

Each badge represents an Athletics event at the Commonwealth Games.  To earn each event badge, the class needs to do two things – read the fact about the event, and do a Daily Mile.  Once they have done both, they stick the badge onto the Tracker Sheet.

To complete the Badge Challenge, just follow these steps:

1. Download the Tracker Sheet and the 3 Challenge Badge sheets and print them onto A3 paper.
2. Select an event badge and read the fact about the event it represents.  Feel free to do more research on the event if desired.
3. Go out as a class and do your Daily Mile.
4. Now cut out the badge round the dotted lines and stick it on to the Tracker Sheet
5. When you have completed all the badges, print out a certificate for each child in the class.


We very much hope that you all enjoy doing your Daily Miles whilst learning more about The Commonwealth Games.  As part of learning about the Games, you may want to do more research on the Commonwealth – to find information in a child friendly format, click

Be sure to look out for the athletic and para-athletic events when the Birmingham Commonwealth Games are on TV.


Briefing Sheet Athletic & Para-Athletic Challenge Badges Challenge Badge Fact/Question Sheet

Badge Tracking Sheet Certificate General Common Wealth Games Fact Sheet

Disability Inclusion:

Disability Inclusion Information