The primary school that makes every pupil run a mile a day in drive to cut childhood obesity

Source: Mail Online
Date: 29-Sept-2015

  • St Ninians school in Stirling, Scotland, has run the scheme for three years
  • Researchers are deciding if the scheme should be adopted across the UK
  • One in 10 children are obese when they start school, aged four or five
  • Dozens of other primaries across Britain have already adopted the scheme

A primary school is making all children run a ‘daily mile’ in a bid to improve their fitness and focus their minds.

Teachers have sent pupils out every day to walk or run a mile for the last three years, and claims none is overweight as a result.

Researchers from Stirling University are undertaking a study of St Ninians in the city to determine whether the daily mile should be adopted nationwide.

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