The Daily Mile

Source: Scottish Cancer Prevention Network
Date: 16-May-2016

The latest data from 2012 show that children are becoming less active, with only 21% of boys and 16% girls meeting current guidelines of at least one hour of moderate physical activity per day.

Three years ago the head teacher of St Ninian’s Primary, Stirling decided to do something about her pupil’s observed lack of fitness. Starting with one P6 class she introduced running or walking a mile into the school day, every day, and very soon all classes were participating. The ‘daily mile’ is taken at any time during the school day depending on where it fits best and teachers estimate the children are only away from their desks for 15 minutes. According to staff it’s important that the mile is outside, pupils are happy to participate in nearly all weathers, and do not need to change their clothes to do so. The ‘daily mile’ has also been used in cross curricular leaning e.g. maths and topic learning such as world city marathons. Teachers, pupils and their families are hugely enthusiastic about this free initiative.

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