Correr 15 minutos diarios hace la diferencia en la salud de niños europeos

Source: El Mercurio (Chile)

Date: 07-June-2018

The Daily Mile Foundation are delighted to have been featured in El Mercurio, the most widely read newspaper in Chile. The article is incredibly positive and features quotes from Alejandra Domper, Executive Secretary of the Choose Healthy Living Program from the Ministry of Health in Chile, and Veronica Cerda, a clinical paediatrician at the University of the Andes.

The article explains The Daily Mile to its Chilean audience and includes the results from the recent research published from the Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh. Chile has similar childhood health issues as the UK, 26% of 5 to 7 year olds are classified as overweight, and 24% suffer from obesity.

Alejandra Domper said, “It deals with a simple and concrete action, carried out sociably and in the fresh air, it not only increases physical activity, but also encourages interaction between peers”. She believes The Daily Mile will “avoid the sustained rise…of obesity, which is why this initiative… is extremely positive and relevant”.

Veronica Cerda believes that the major benefit of The Daily Mile is that it “influences enormously the formation of healthy habits, which is what we aspire to”; if exercise becomes a habit for children it will be continued later in life.

This article has been reproduced with the kind permission of the content creator, El Mercurio. To read the article in full, please click the link below.

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