The Daily Mile at Home

We would like to introduce all families across the UK to The #DailyMileAtHome. It’s an easy and fun way to keep fit and maintain good health and wellbeing for you and your children.

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We all need to try to be physically active and The Daily Mile at Home can help almost everyone to do this. We believe that it will be useful for children, parents and carers in helping them to look after their physical and mental health.

We already have Daily Mile guidance for schools, and now we’ve adapted it so you can use it at home and enjoy the same benefits. These come from 15 minutes or more of walking, running or jogging in the fresh air – doing it at whatever pace suits you best and wearing what you’ll feel most comfortable in. We’d love to see you doing The Daily Mile, so be sure to post on social media using #DailyMileAtHome.

Summer Challenges

To keep your family active and motivated, we’ve worked hard with our fantastic partners at London Marathon Events to create weekly challenges for The #DailyMileAtHome! To view all our Family Fun Challenges, please see below.

Week 1 Challenges   Week 2 Challenges   Week 3 Challenges

Week 4 Challenges   Week 5 Challenges   Week 6 Challenges

Week 7 Challenges   Week 8 Challenges   Week 9 Challenges

Week 10 Challenges   Week 11 Challenges   Week 12 Challenges

Week 13 Challenges   Week 14 Challenges   Week 15 Challenges

Winter Challenges

Week 1 Challenges Week 2 Challenges

Wellbeing for Families

Special thanks to Place2Be for supporting The #DailyMileAtHome campaign on their Wellbeing Activities for Families hub. For more information and to view other activities, please visit their website.

Further Resources

Core Principles for The Daily Mile at Home

How to do The Daily Mile at Home

Government Guidance

Please ensure when you do The Daily Mile at Home, you are following the latest guidance issued by the government.