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“Huge increase in children’s health and wellbeing”

Woodfield Primary School

Woodfield Wigan Primary School

Fact File

  • Where we’re based: Wigan
  • School roll: 216
  • A description of our school: On the edge of the town centre
  • Children in school doing The Daily Mile: The whole school (216 pupils from Reception to Year 6)
  • Where we run: We complete our ‘Daily Mile’ on the school playground and on our new all-weather track (sponsored by DW Sports)
  • Month/year we started The Daily Mile: June 2016

Woodfield Primary School Daily Mile

Our Experience of The Daily Mile

We officially launched our Daily Mile in June 2016. Our local hospital, the Royal Albert and Edward Infirmary, invited us to be part of a project, which we named ‘Race to Rio’. The staff of the NHS Trust worked closely with school staff and were very supportive with the Race to Rio Project, which involved all the children in school having pedometers and attempting to walk the distance from Wigan to Rio before the games in August. Our discussions led to us adopting The Daily Mile. We were fortunate to be able to enlist the support of Hazel Whittle from Inspiring Healthy lifestyles, who was inspirational, and really helped us get our Daily Mile well underway. Hazel’s support has been phenomenal. A number of local athletes attended the launch of The Daily Mile and this provided a great opportunity to promote this initiative.

Additionally, Wigan Warriors, Wigan Athletic, Metrofresh and a number of other groups/businesses became interested in our work and supported the project over the spring and summer 2016. This outcome of the work in addition to a ‘Race to Rio Health Carnival Day’ was also The Daily Mile. The children collectively, with the staff and parents, walked from Wigan to Rio in a very short time. We have been fortunate to have local business support along with local sports clubs, such as, Wigan Athletic (Mr. Dave Whelan) and Wigan Warriors (Mr. Shaun Wane).

Since starting The Daily Mile, we have noticed a huge increase in children’s health and well-being, for example, sports tournaments. Last week we participated in a local authority cross-country tournament, where all children who participated were placed well. This resulted in Woodfield School coming in 3rd place for the West of Wigan and the girls’ team in second place. The noticeable difference was the children’s enjoyment in this event and the how they recovered quickly after the race.

Woodfield Primary School Daily Mile

Benefits We’ve Noticed

The Daily Mile contributes well to the health and well-being of all our children. For any other schools wishing to adopt The Daily Mile as part of their routine, it helps if all children, staff and parents/carers are enthusiastic and are willing the project on.

The Daily Mile gives children an opportunity to relax and refresh, it is an enjoyable part of the day. It also gives children and staff opportunities to be together in the fresh air and enjoy the opportunity to talk outside the classroom.

We feel it is important to make The Daily Mile simple and flexible to be adopted in the day-to-day routine.

How We Do The Daily Mile

Currently, the staff are collectively putting together a list of topics for the children to discuss/think about on their mile, for example, ‘What do you know about Roald Dahl? Tell your friend.’

Additionally, we have introduced a ‘Wednesday Morning Mile’ where all parents, carers and grandparents are invited into school from 8.30am to take part in a Daily Mile.

Woodfield Primary School Daily Mile

Improving Our School

Our Governing Body have been kept fully informed throughout the process and Mr. Lyons (PE lead and class teacher) presented this work to the Governing Body on 21st November 2016. The Headteacher and governor support has helped enormously towards making The Daily Mile high profile and successful. We emphasize with all stakeholders that it is a daily mile and not a daily run. Children are free to go at their own pace, as long as they keep moving.

The Daily Mile has become a priority on part of our School Improvement Plan, for example, investing in sign postage around the school playground promoting The Daily Mile, investing in sign postage for ‘talking points’ for the children who wish to discuss topics and many more.

Woodfield Primary School Daily Mile

Our Children’s Feedback

“I enjoy running the Daily Mile. It gives you the opportunity to have fun and chat with your friends and improve your stamina. I think the whole school is getting fitter because we do the Mile every day.”

“The Daily Mile is great because it gives you a break from work in the afternoons. It’s better than just having a playtime because it’s like having a fun lesson where you are learning why it’s important to be fit and healthy.”

“I like running and it keeps me healthy. I am becoming a better runner and doing the Mile makes you faster.”

“I like The Daily Mile because I like running and fresh air.”

“The mile gives me energy and is fun.”

“I think it is great and fun.”

“It builds stamina so that you can run for longer.”

“Gives people a chance to exercise which they may not do at home.”

“It is good to have the choice between running and walking. I choose depending on how I feel.”

“I like doing The Daily Mile because I can talk to my friends whilst staying fit and healthy.”

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