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Have you heard? The Daily Mile contributes to raising attainment

The first published scientific study on the impact of The Daily Mile, conducted in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, has shown running The Daily Mile to have a dramatic impact on SATs results against predicted grades.
Pupils at Coppermill Primary School were measured for a number of factors as they took up The Daily Mile in 2016- including fitness, self-reported wellbeing, and academic achievement. We knew, of course, that they would get fitter- which they drastically did- and that they would start feeling significantly happier and better in their bodies. But perhaps most impressive was the finding from this pilot study that grades went up remarkably against expected results, with pupils achieving up to 25% higher in reading, writing and maths.

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More and more schools are joining The Daily Mile community every day - with over a thousand Daily Mile primaries in the UK alone!

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About The Daily Mile

The aim of the Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children, regardless of age or personal circumstances.

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Health and Wellbeing

The Daily Mile isn't just about exercise, it has numerous health and wellbeing benefits for children, whether they run, jog or walk. Click the link below to find out just how big a difference it can make.

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The Daily Mile is easy, free and sustainable to implement. Whether you are a teacher looking to start your own Daily Mile, or a parent of a young Daily Miler, you should find all the information you need right here.

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History of The Daily Mile

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  1. The inconvenient truth

    Elaine Wyllie, Headmistress of St Ninian's Primary School in Stirling, realised that her pupils, like many others, were unfit.

  2. The Daily Mile Was Born

    Elaine started going outside with her classes to run around the school field for just 15 minutes a day, to increase their fitness and concentration. On measuring the circumference of the school path, five laps was was one mile. Thus The Daily Mile was born!

  3. October 2012

    By now, every class as St Ninian's school was doing The Daily Mile.

  4. September 2013

    Even St Ninian's nursery school began doing The Daily Mile!

  5. September 2014

    Scotland's Chief Medical Officer visited St Ninian's, and loved The Daily Mile.

  6. April 2015

    Other schools around the UK began to adopt The Daily Mile.

  7. June 2015

    The Daily Mile began to be featured across the UK's media.

  8. July 2015

    Elaine spoke at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for Go Run For Fun's flagship London fun run – and supported over 6000 primary school runners.

  9. October 2015

    Elaine Wyllie won a Pride of Britain award for her efforts growing The Daily Mile. The Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh began scientific studies on the effects of The Daily Mile.

  10. November 2015

    The Scottish Government officially endorsed The Daily Mile for all primary schools. Schools in Belgium began The Daily Mile, mentored by former Olympian and GO Run For Fun ambassador Tia Hellebaut.

  11. December 2015

    Early scientific study results showed that childhood obesity levels at St Ninian's are almost half the national average.

  12. Elaine is awarded an Honorary Master of Arts Degree by Stirling University

    Elaine Wyllie, Founder of The Daily Mile, was awarded an honorary Master of Arts degree by the University of Stirling, in recognition of her successful campaign to improve the Health and Wellbeing of primary school children.

  13. The Daily Mile is mentioned in the UK Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy

    The Daily Mile was formally recommended on page 8 of the Government's Childhood Obesity Strategy, as an initiative to help combat children inactivity and obesity in Primary Schools.
    Public Health Minister Nicola Blackwood commented: "Initiatives like this will make a huge difference to children's health and fitness and we hope our new measures on school sport will help to create future Team GB Olympians."

  14. 1,000+ UK primary schools adopt The Daily Mile

    Over 1,000 UK primary schools (and counting!) have already made the commitment to safeguard the social, mental, emotional and physical Health and Wellbeing of our children.

"The Daily Mile has been an excellent initiative and it is very encouraging that it is being taken up by an ever increasing number of schools. It has introduced physical activity into the everyday life of the school in an easy, inclusive and fun way."

The Secretary of State for Health, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP