A citizen science study of short physical activity breaks at school: improvements in cognition and wellbeing with self-paced activity

Research carried out by the Universities of StirlingEdinburgh and Highlands & Islands has found that 15 minutes of self-paced exercise, such as The Daily Mile, is beneficial for pupils’ cognition and wellbeing – reporting a 7% improvement in alertness, mood and verbal memory. [Read more]

Dr Colin Moran, University of Stirling: “Overall, our study concluded that exercising leads to improvements in children’s mood and cognition.”

Dr Naomi Brooks, University of Stirling: “Ultimately, we found that 15 minutes of self-paced exercise [such as The Daily Mile] can significantly improve a child’s mood, attention and memory – enhancing their ability to learn.”

For a summary of this paper, visit BBC’s Terrific Scientific.

Download the Paper as published in BMC Medicine.