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A word from Founder Elaine Wyllie on how The Daily Mile began.

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Hello, I’m Elaine Wyllie.

Until recently, I was the Headteacher of St Ninians Primary School in Stirling, Scotland, where I was concerned about the lack of fitness displayed by the children. I decided to do something about it and founded The Daily Mile in February 2012.

The Daily Mile has a simple aim – to help children get fit by running or jogging for 15 minutes a day in school or nursery. The Daily Mile began with a one month trial and (almost overnight) the results were startling. While many children initially struggled to run, within four weeks almost everyone was averaging a mile or more in the 15 minutes and, just as importantly, the children loved it!

By September 2012, the whole school was running for 15 minutes each day and not one of our 57 Primary 1 children was deemed overweight by the school nurse. Attention levels and behaviour in class improved and parents said that their children are fitter, more active and alert. I was overwhelmed by the level of support that we received from parents.

I’ve now retired from teaching and am dedicating myself to introducing The Daily Mile to schools across the UK, to help tackle our growing childhood obesity and physical inactivity crisis and to improve the physical, social, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of our children.

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Daily running is one of the best interventions for regular physical activity in primary schools in a generation

Tim Howells, England Athletics London Project Manager