The impact and why it works

The Daily Mile works for children, parents, teachers, schools, and supports the rights of children to have a healthy and happy childhood.

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The impact and why it works…

…for schools:

  The Daily Mile is simple and free to implement.

  It’s proven to be sustainable – happening all year round, every year.

  Always takes place in a safe, risk-assessed school environment.

  It helps improve focus, concentration and behaviour in class.

   Physical activity is known to improve attainment.

   Teachers can, if they wish, choose to link it to aspects of the curriculum.

  It embeds daily physical activity into the school’s approach to Health and Wellbeing.

  It helps schools to meet the recommendations for daily physical activity outlined by the UK Government, the Chief Medical Officer and others.

   The children are much fitter and can access Sport and PE more readily.


…for children’s health:

  Children become more aware of their health and the need to take responsibility for it.

  Improves body composition – bone density, muscle strength and cardio-vascular health.

  Helps children achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

  Individual medical conditions, such as Diabetes and Asthma, can be helped.

 Overall balance, gross and fine motor skills are enhanced.


…for children’s wellbeing:

  It’s 100% inclusive and no-one is left behind – every child succeeds.

  It’s not a race or competition – there is no sense of failure.

  Children enjoy it – having fun, in the fresh air with friends, and a sense of freedom.

  Children enjoy the weather, seasons and nature.

  Supports improvement in self-efficacy, satisfaction and happiness.


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