Social Distancing

Please see below some ideas on how to do The Daily Mile in your school, whilst maintaining social distancing.

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It’s clear that, while most children will be happy to return to school and eager to see their friends and teachers again, many will be returning with poorer physical and mental health. The Daily Mile can help schools to rebuild their children’s fitness and improve their emotional and mental health – all outdoors in the fresh air.

We have prepared a few ways to do it while maintaining social distance. The ideas have been kept as simple as possible so that you can fit it into the school day with the minimum of fuss. Hopefully you will find these ideas helpful and will adapt them, as necessary, to suit your setting.

We call them Pitstops, Parallel Pairs, Two Routes and Passing Places. All of them are available as a free resource for you to download – just click on Social Distancing Guidance to see them all. We hope you enjoy them.

If you’ve got any ideas of your own, which you’d like to share with other schools, please get in touch.

Social Distancing Guidance