Dutch study shows positive result on children’s aerobic fitness over 12 weeks

Article title: The effect of The Daily Mile on primary school children’s aerobic fitness after 12 weeks: A controlled trial.

Dr Jorien Slot-Heijs and researchers from the Mulier Instituut, Netherlands, conducted research at 9 Dutch primary schools to investigate:

  • The effects of performing The Daily Mile for 12 weeks on children’s aerobic fitness levels
  • If additional personal support for teachers impacted the effectiveness of The Daily Mile

They concluded:

  • The Daily Mile can yield a beneficial effect on children’s aerobic fitness within a 12 week period when practiced 3-4 times a week.
  • Additional personal support for teachers did not benefit intervention effectiveness or implementation over a 12 week period.

Dr Jorien Slot-Heijs, Mulier Instituut: “This study contributes to a growing body of research showing that The Daily Mile, a relatively simple physical activity intervention, can increase children’s aerobic fitness.”

Read the full article online, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on 25th March 2020.