What is needed to make The Daily Mile work in your school?

Article title: The Daily Mile: What factors are associated with its implementation success?

Research carried out by the Universities of Stirling, Edinburgh and Highlands & Islands, involving interviews with school staff, concludes that The Daily Mile initiative’s success “can be attributed to the simple core intervention components – allowing the children to walk, jog or run; flexible delivery that supports teacher autonomy; and adaptability that suits the specific primary school context.”

Key aspects of The Daily Mile related to its implementation success include:

  • Simple core intervention components
  • Flexible delivery that supports teacher autonomy
  • Adaptable to suit specific primary school context
  • Continuing The Daily Mile beyond implementation is assisted by:
    • Instant feedback of benefits
    • Not over-monitoring
    • Linking to busy curriculum

Read the full article online, published in PLOS ONE on 19th October 2018.

To download a “How To / Why To” Guide for schools, based on independent research from the Universities of Stirling, Edinburgh and Highlands & Islands, please see below.

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