Miles ahead: school that fired starting gun on running revolution

Source: The Guardian
Date: 28-Sept-2015

The ‘daily mile’ completed by primary pupils in Stirling is said to aid concentration as well as fitness. Other schools across the UK are taking notice

As soon as the children at one primary school in Stirling hear the words “daily mile”, they down their pencils and head out of the classroom to start running laps around the school field.

For three-and-a-half years, all pupils at St Ninians primary have walked or run a mile each day. They do so at random times during the day, apparently happily, and despite the rise in childhood obesity across the UK, none of the children at the school are overweight.

The daily mile has done so much to improve these children’s fitness, behaviour and concentration in lessons that scores of nursery and primary schools across Britain are following suit and getting pupils to get up from their desks and take 15 minutes to walk or run round the school or local park.

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