JOGRAPHY LESSONS: How The Daily Mile scheme at our schools could help to tackle obesity and get kids running

Source: The Sun

Date: 28-May-2018

British kids are fatter than their American counterparts for the first time and setting aside time during the school day for exercise could help our school children slim down.

According to experts, 20 per cent of pupils leaving primary school in the UK are classes as obese. In the US – officially the world’s fattest nation – that figure is 18.5 per cent.

Obesity is predicted to double in the next 25 years — while tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has already been thrown at the problem.

But a simple — and cheap — solution can already be found on the playgrounds and fields of around 6,000 primary schools where more than a million children take part in The Daily Mile.

The exercise regime means that at some point in every school day, pupils leave their classroom, still in their uniform, to run or jog for up to 15 minutes.

  • 20% of pupils leaving primary school in the UK classified as obese
  • 4% of body fat lost for kids who ran The Daily Mile for 7 months
  • 1.2 million primary school children in the UK now doing The Daily Mile
  • 15 minutes is the time it takes to jog or run The Daily Mile

Youngsters can set their own pace and talk to their friends while they go round.

Teachers all over the country have reported how pupils return to the classroom invigorated and eager to learn after doing what is being called “jography”.

Last week, Prime Minister Theresa May praised The Daily Mile and called on schools to take it up — but stopped short of saying it should be compulsory.

Now, for all our kids’ sakes, The Sun is calling on Education Secretary Damian Hinds to make The Daily Mile mandatory in all primary schools.

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