Laps to Lapland

Santa’s reindeer need to get back to Lapland to pull the sleigh in time for Christmas Eve! Doing The Daily Mile will help them fly back home – every time you complete one, add it to the map and see their journey unfold.

Will they get back in time to deliver Santa’s presents? It’s down to your class!

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Getting started

  1.  Download the Laps to Lapland resources (below).
  2.  Print out the A3 Map, so you can follow the reindeer’s journey.
  3.  Give your reindeer a name!
  4.  Fill in the gaps on the map (details below)
  5.  Each time you do The Daily Mile, move your reindeer one “map mile”.

For information on implementing The Daily Mile following social distancing guidance and government advice:

Guidance for Schools


Map miles

To set-up the map:

  1.  Search how many miles it is from your school to Lapland
  2.  Using the below formula, work out your ‘map miles’


  • A = Miles to school from Lapland
  • B = Number of days left in the school term
  • A divided by B = the number of ‘map miles’ that each Daily Mile counts for (1 Daily Mile completed = 1 map mile).



A3 Map

Information for Teachers

Reindeer cut-outs