Laps to Lapland

Your reindeer needs to get back to Lapland to pull the sleigh in time for Christmas Eve! Your Daily Mile will help them fly back home – every time you complete one, add it to the map and see their journey unfold.

Will they get back in time to deliver the presents? It’s down to you!

Read on below


  1. Download your Laps to Lapland resources (below).
  2. Display your map so you can follow your reindeer’s journey back to Lapland.
  3. Name your reindeer!
  4. Fill in the gaps on the sheet – start = your school name, end = total miles from your school to Lapland, and some milestones along the way.
  5. Colour or number the snowflake-steps as you go!

Once you have done your Daily Mile, move your reindeer on by one map-mile.



A3 Map

Teacher Information

Reindeer cut-outs