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The Daily Mile is not PE, cross‐country or sport. It is physical, emotional, social and contributes to positive mental health and wellbeing.

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The Daily Mile has numerous benefits for children:

   Within 4 weeks, children who do The Daily Mile become much fitter.

   The Daily Mile is very helpful in reducing childhood inactivity and obesity.

   Children bring the benefits home, often eating and sleeping better and encouraging their families to be active together.

   It improves their perception of exercise, and promotes the idea of self-care.

   The 15 minute break from lessons is invigorating and leaves children more focused and ready to learn.

   The time spent outside, in almost all weathers, helps children become better engaged with the outdoors and aware of nature and the seasons.

   The Daily Mile is non-competitive, fully inclusive, and the children have fun!

   The Daily Mile builds self-esteem and confidence.

   The Daily Mile is also a social occasion, and can facilitate communication with other children and teachers.

   The Daily Mile helps build relationships, with children often helping and encouraging their peers.


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