Health and wellbeing

The Daily Mile is not PE, cross-country or sport. It is physical, emotional, social and contributes to positive mental health and wellbeing.

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The Daily Mile has numerous benefits for…

Children’s health:

   Children become more aware of their health and the need to take responsibility for it

   Improves body composition – bone density, muscle strength and cardiovascular health

   Helps children achieve and maintain a healthy weight

   Individual medical conditions, such as Diabetes and Asthma, can be helped.

   Overall balance, gross and fine motor skills are enhanced.

Children’s wellbeing:

   It’s 100% inclusive and no-one is left behind – every child succeeds

   It’s not a race or competition – there is no sense of failure

   Children enjoy it – having fun, in the fresh air with friends, and a sense of freedom

   Children enjoy the weather, seasons and nature

   Supports improvement in self-efficacy, satisfaction and happiness


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