The Daily Mile is a fully-inclusive, free and simple initiative which improves the physical and mental health and wellbeing of children. There is no extra workload for teachers.

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Social Distancing and Government Guidance

It’s clear that, while most children will be happy to return to school and eager to see their friends and teachers again, many will be returning with poorer physical and mental health. The Daily Mile can help schools to rebuild their children’s fitness and improve their emotional and mental health – all outdoors in the fresh air. We have prepared a few ways to do it while maintaining social distance, to assist your school’s implementation of The Daily Mile.

Please ensure when you do The Daily Mile, you are following the latest guidance issued by the government.

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Why Sign Up to The Daily Mile?

  It’s free

  You’ll be part of Our Community

  It’s easy – 15 minutes of jogging or running, every day

  You will receive free resources from us, including; a Welcome Pack, stickers, certificates, and more

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What is The Daily Mile?

Simply put, The Daily Mile is 15 minutes when children jog or run, at their own pace, during the school day at a time of the teacher’s choosing. We recommend this be during lesson time, so children have their full break / play time. The Daily Mile is not Sport or PE, but rather health and wellbeing through physical activity.

It’s a simple and straightforward initiative that has been acknowledged for reducing childhood obesity and recognised within the UK Government’s 2018 Childhood Obesity Strategy. The Daily Mile Foundation encourages every school doing The Daily Mile to sign up and join our growing global community.

We recommend schools introduce The Daily Mile to children as a run or jog, not as a walk. If implemented as per core principles, almost all children will be able to run for most, or all of, the way after around 4 weeks. This level of fitness will be maintained or improved over the coming months and years.


Why do The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is a free, effective initiative that any school can implement without the need for staff training. Its impact can be transformational – improving not only the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing. For more information on the proven benefits of The Daily Mile, please visit our Research page.


Helpful Information

To help get The Daily Mile up-and-running at your school, below is a cover letter explaining how you can begin your Daily Mile journey.

Letter to Teachers

Additionally, to assist with your implementation of The Daily Mile, you can download a wide variety of supporting materials free of charge from our Resources page. There are also a number of Videos on our website which show The Daily Mile in action in a variety of settings, as well as a selection of Stories sent in by schools. If you would like your school story to be featured as a Daily Mile case study, please get in touch.

Your school can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On our social media channels, you’ll always find helpful tips and can share your experience with other teachers and schools. If you have any queries about starting The Daily Mile at your school or nursery, please see our FAQ’s or contact us.

The Daily Mile is part of a massive journey for the school. We are raising aspirations, showing the children they can be better, and do better. The Daily Mile puts a rocket up their learning. We do it every day, all year round

Alison Walker, Headteacher at Moat Primary Academy, Gloucester