This half term, we’ve joined forces with Start-Rite Shoes to encourage parents and carers to #Find15 and get outside for 15-minutes of walking, jogging or running as a family, at least three times a week, to keep your children fit and healthy while away from school.

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The Daily Mile and Start-Rite Shoes are passionate about improving children’s health and happiness, so this half term we’re working together to encourage parents and carers to #Find15 with their families.

The #Find15 campaign is part of a long-term partnership between Start-Rite Shoes and The Daily Mile which aims to improve children’s foot health, personal wellbeing and fitness.

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Why #Find15 this half term?

An extensive literature review undertaken by Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University, on behalf of Start-Rite Shoes, has identified the type and level of physical activity necessary throughout childhood to support healthy growth and development.

The review shows that children’s fitness has been found to decrease and their body mass index (BMI) increase, following school holidays. And children who are physically active reap mental health benefits, have been shown to be fitter and to carry the benefits of physical activity into later life. Chief Medical Officers recommend primary school aged children undertake at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Strikingly, according to studies identified in the review, less than 10% of children are meeting these guidelines.


How to get involved in #Find15

It’s really easy! Families just need to go outside for 15-minutes and walk, jog or run together, at least three times a week during half term in order to enjoy the outdoors and help keep their children fit and healthy. The Daily Mile at Home has fun ideas for families to enjoy when they are taking part in #Find15. Families are encouraged to join the campaign on social media through sharing photographs or videos of #Find15 using the hashtag.

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Below you will find some videos which show how children, teachers and headteachers across the country are embracing and enjoying The Daily Mile.


Miles of Smiles

Hear all about the Miles of Smiles run at Cubitt Town Junior School, London, and the history of The Daily Mile!


The Marvellous Mile

Watch our Marvellous Mile video to hear what teachers have to say about how The Daily Mile can improve children’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.


A Mile In Our Shoes

The Daily Mile is free, all-inclusive and simple. But, most importantly, children love it. Get a 360-degree view of a class as they take on The Daily Mile in their film ‘A Mile In Our Shoes’.

We are excited to be partnering with The Daily Mile which is an established authority on the benefits of childhood exercise. We know that children who are physically active reap mental health benefits, have been shown to be fitter and carry the benefits of physical activity into later life. Previous research told us how much children love to exercise with their parents or carers, so we hope this campaign will encourage more families, to enjoy 15 minutes of fast paced physical activity, on a daily basis together.

Kate Tansley, CEO of Start-Rite Shoes