Early Years

The Scottish Government’s guidance for early learning aimed to support childcare managers, practitioners, parents and carers.

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The Daily Mile’s core principles that apply to Primary schools can apply equally well to Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) settings.

In December 2017, the Scottish Government published “The Daily Mile with young children: guidance“, with the assistance of The Daily Mile’s founder, Elaine Wyllie.  Please see below some important information from this guide, about implementing The Daily Mile in an ELC setting.

For more information, we recommend reading the full guide by clicking on the above link.


Specific advice for doing The Daily Mile in ELC settings

   There is an opportunity to link The Daily Mile to early nutrition – by children coming back in from their Daily Mile to a healthy snack / lunch and drink of water.

   Simple, child-pleasing ways to measure laps / distance can be motivating and introduce early literacy and numeracy skills – I.E. Collecting a sticker for every lap completed.

   Doing The Daily Mile and being outdoors can provide for further provocations for learning – I.E. About the natural world and physical environment.

   In keeping the wider emphasis on independent, self-directed learning within early years, The Daily Mile encourages the children’s ‘self care’ and taking greater responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

   Starting at an early age, we are able to provide all children with the opportunity to develop their ‘physical literacy’ and improve body composition for the rest of their lives.

   Doing The Daily Mile isn’t restricted to ELC group settings – childminders can also get involved!

   Starting The Daily Mile from age two or three onwards will give children a head start at a very important developmental stage in their lives.