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Since 2015, The Daily Mile has been making national headlines, and you can explore some of these below alongside our latest updates.

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3rd December 2022

Press Release: All Blacks visit local school children in Edinburgh to support them doing the Daily Mile.

15th November 2022

Press Release: Scotland is world’s first Daily Mile Nation.

28th October 2022

Press release: ITV, STV, Sky and INEOS come together to promote the health and attainment benefits of The Daily Mile, supporting teachers and more than 3 million children worldwide.

26th September 2022

Press release: 335,000 children worldwide helped The Daily MileTM to celebrate its 10th Birthday with a global celebration, today.

28th April 2022

Press Release: The Daily Mile announced as the official school education fitness program supporter of the World Athletics Championships Oregon22

13th April 2022

Press Release: ITV, STV, Sky, and Channel 4 unite to promote the mental and physical health benefits of the Daily Mile, supporting 3 million children worldwide.

13th September 2021

Press Release: The Daily Mile™ is hosting its first national event day to get one million children across England running together at the same time on April 30th

14th April 2021

Press Release: Families can reclaim the joy of movement on the walk to school

16th March 2021

Press Release: The Daily Mile celebrates Greater Manchester moving towards becoming the first Daily Mile City-Region

22nd January 2021

Press Release: 3 million children run The Daily Mile as it signs up it’s 12,000th School

20th January 2021

Press Release: The Daily Mile and Scottish Government announce new strategy and Scottish Programme Manager, putting Scotland one step closer to becoming the world’s first Daily Mile Nation

2nd November 2020