Why it works

The Daily Mile works for children, teachers & schools, and supports the rights of children to have a healthy and happy childhood.

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Helps schools meet government guidelines

 Provides ½ of new UK Government requirements for schools to get children moving for 30mins each day (and ¼ of daily childhood activity recommendations!)

 Proven sustainability (all year round)

 Happens safe within the schools’ environment (risk-assessed)

 Easily links to the curriculum

 Promotes Health and Wellbeing in schools

 Supports wider participation in Sport and PE


Benefits for children

 Raises attainment

 Improves focus & concentration

Improves behaviour in class

 Improves personal self-efficacy

 Is 100% inclusive (every child succeeds)

 Is simple & free

 Helps maintain healthy weight

 Supports healthy bone & muscle development

 Improves children’s resilience and cardio-metabolic health

Learn how The Daily Mile can significantly improve the physical, mental, social and emotional health and well-being of nursery- and primary-aged children in the Coppermile Evaluation.